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Kids Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf & Dance Classes for Kids aged 18 months to Teens in Cyprus!

Welcome to Sport4Kids Cyprus! We introduce children's football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance classes to our kids at 18 months and provide our older children with "beyond the best" football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance coaching and skills classes. Our older kids also compete in our children's football or rugby club and take part in our S4K Tournament and dance, tennis and golf tournaments and competitions. Come along for a free taster and see how we are changing the face of children's sports and activities in Cyprus!

Registrations are now open! Starting day: 26th of September. The first 10 kids 2 lessons free! Contact number: 70003023

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Why Choose Sport4Kids for Kids Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf and Dance?

Getting kids involved into any sport or activity is important for both their health and social skills and what better way to get them moving by enrolling them into a top class kids football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance academy like Sport4Kids! We have qualified and certified trainers to help your kids to fully achieve their potential whilst also having fun playing football, rugby, tennis, golf or taking part in dance.

Enrol Today in a Kids Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf or Dance Course!

We have many locations to choose from when booking your kids football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance classes.  Find your closest development centres for each sport by clicking on the taster buttons above or click football, rugby, tennis, golf or dance!

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