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about usSport4Kids was founded by myself Steve and our Head Coach Dr. Mark Gould. We jointly have a passion for child development, entertainment and sporting excellence. Everything we try to do is from a child centric and a learning perspective. We have searched the globe and used our own experience to pull from the best teaching methods, best coaching techniques and most entertaining fun experiences out there.

 Our mission is to build a movement that champions sport from a child and parents perspective not from a governing body or a set of professional elite clubs. Parents have recognised that the traditional organisations are primarily in search of ready-made talent and valuable high performance assets for their own club or organisation. This does not provide the best experience for the parent or child, nor does it give the best chance of developing your child’s full potential.

Childrens FootballIn our classes we look to merge child psychology and learning, entertainment and fun along with the development of confidence through individual skills coaching.  Our vision is to build pathways for each child that helps the parent see the individual skills development as well as a journey towards team play and gradually increase that in a controlled way to more competitive sport.

We have started with football and plan to evolve through all sports including tennis, rugby, cricket, athletics, swimming and all general sports.  S4K is a club and membership has an increasing number of benefits designed to involve the whole family. See our Families page for more information.  Our values go a whole lot deeper and you can read more on our philosophy page but you can be rest assured that child centric development and fun are top of the list!

 We have three focus areas for S4K:

  • about us small.jpgSkills Development Classes: These are the development of skills through fun and entertainment. They are mostly weekends and will include holiday camps. Our classes are designed around different children’s age groups, not only focusing on the development of their sporting abilities, but also on their general life and group behaviour skills. The S4K experience improves children’ confidence, communication skills and sense of enjoyment.

  • Competition: Where we introduce our kids to competitive sport with S4K GameTime, S4K Tournament and S4K Football Teams that will enter festivals and external competition.  This is a gradual introduction where skills are kept ahead of the competitive experience to keep the sense of fun and confidence building to the fore.

  • Education: This involves schools and nursery support activity throughout the week. Here we use the Early Learning Framework and work with educational teams within each establishment for the development of children. We aim to bring that something extra special to entertain the kids.

 If you are a first time joiner or thinking of joining you can be guaranteed a warm welcome from Mark, myself and all of our coaching team.  Please reach out at anytime, on the hotline, contact form or when we meet at venues or our family events. We are always willing to listen to parent feedback and improve our service to you and your family.

Warm regards,

Football Coaching
Steven Jones
Sport4Kids Founder & CEO

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