Football Coaching

At S4K we strive to emulate and go beyond the best coaching methods from around the world. The S4K Way comes from the combination of the techniques of the world’s greatest footballing nations and their sporting philosophies.

Football Coaching for Kids Philosophies from S4K

Kids Football CoachingThere are four key philosophies of our kids football coaching that we adopt to create the best football coaching for your child:

• The Dutch with their Total football and Coerver method to build individual skills and confidence

•The Spanish with their Tika-Taka philosophy promoting control, pass, move techniques combined with constant, support, pressing the opposition and overall teamwork

• The Brazillian commitment to skills, rhythm, dribbling, shooting and creativity developed through the use of the indoor futsal ball and beach football.

• Montessori techniques - The S4K Child development and learning techniques are founded upon the Montessori education movement that focuses on the child and fellow children helping each other. The S4K Way is to design football coaching from the individuals perspective to create fun and gradual learning techniques to keep children engaged. To build the enthusiasm and passion from within each and every child. 

By combining these four philosophies you can create the finest football coaching programs for our children which we have called “The S4K Way.” Taking this further is the S4K passion for developing sports coaching from a child centric perspective. We break each skill and movement down to its most granular form and then teach the constituent skills in fun excercises. This helps create the ultimate sports experience for kids.

S4K Expert Football Coaching for Kids Techniques

The S4k way has a number of principles and they include:
• The Individual Child. Championing the individual with confidence, fun and skills development for the child
• Fun & Dreams. Allowing our children to dream – the ability to use their imagination to take them to wherever they want even if that is their hopes and desires to play at the highest level
• Skills Focus. First is Skills and foremost with competition and winning placed second. This means that we only gradually expose our children to competitive situations.
Football Coaching Pathway

Football Coaching Pathway
Fun goes hand in hand with dreams. Without the fun element children cannot absorb themselves fully into any sports coaching. Building confidence for all our children helps them each individually develop their skills and control of the ball and have no fear of bigger or faster children. Dreams is being able to reach for the very top and learn skills in advance of their peers who are subjected to traditional win at all costs football coaching.

The enhanced skill levels combined with the gradual introduction to the joy of competing allows them to feel proud they can take on the World! The S4K Way combines all these elements into the S4K Player Pathway that develops your child at her or his own pace.

Our Player Pathway consists of 11 core pillars that are designed to provide an introduction to football, build confidence, develop skills and then use these skills within a low-pressure competetive and nurturing environment.  After this, players move into our S4K Football Club and begin to use their skills against otehr venues in friendlies and other external teams. 

The S4K Player Pathway develops children’s confidence, skills and sense of teamwork. The best start in life and the best football coaching is all that we as parents can give our little ones and then see them blossom into the next Messi, Beckham or Ronaldo!
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