S4K GameTime builds on our S4K Skills classes and introduces our S4K Strikers and Academy to real match scenarios!  These classes are made up of 60 minutes of football matches filled with fun, passing and teamwork in specially tailored sessions for our young footballing girls and boys

What makes S4K Game Time different?Childrens Football Club

         EVERY child is involved at ALL times

         MORE touches of the ball than ANY other football club

         Sessions designed from a CHILD’S perspective and for each age group

         Stages of pressure to increase CONFIDENCE and SKILL


Sport4Kids football classes are all designed from a child centric point of view - child motor skills, cognition and confidence are all at the forefront of everything that we do. S4K Game Time is designed to build children's confidence on the ball in real game pressure situations.

Football Coaching

The sessions are split into three sections. The first section features our S4K low pressure rules - foot on the ball and close control of the ball means that a player cannot be tackled, with an emphasis placed on developing space, passing and vision. The second twenty minutes is focused on using team work and individual skill to beat an opponent, while emphasising key decision making abilities. Lastly, our S4K youngsters will be exposed to tackling and the hurly burly that goes along with a full competitive match conditions. They love this bit!


Childrens football clubThe S4K philosophy insists that children can only develop and internalise skill after learning through a low pressure environment. Once skills, passing and comfort on the ball have been taught, pressure levels can gradually be increased and transferred to true game scenarios. S4K Game Time emulates this principle and gives our children the chance to develop at their own pace. We aim to develop the confidence of every child - regardless of ability. 


Developed by Francis Doody