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At S4K we are great advocates for girls soccer. Historcally football had been dominated by the boys - this is all changing. Today, the world’s most popular sport can have as much influence on a young girl’s life as it can on a boy’s. In fact girls and womens football is the fastest growign sport on earth! The growth, exposure and participation in the girl’s side of the game is imense.

We believe in championing girls and women’s sport and taking part in our football classes. We find that girls often display finer motor control than boys, greater levels of concentration and a natural flair for footwork with the ball. They are naturals! Our kids football classes and children’s football club are tailored to appeal to both girls and boys and provide their first taste of low-pressure fun based competition in our S4K Football Tournament.

Life Skills Learnt Through Girls Particpating in Football

Life skills including communication, having a sense of belonging, interacting with peers as well as an appreciation of exercise, coordination health and fitness are crucial for our children. Being able to interact, play games, practice all builds general life confidence. Even if your daughter just wants to take part in order to lead an active life, football is a great way to help her develop valuable life skills. Learning things such as team work, the value of right and wrong and being social are essential ingredients of growing up. Encouraging our daughters to take up football and tap into a range of confidence building influences will be invaluable to their own well-being.

The Gap Is Narrowing

Girls Football

When it comes to the professional side of the game there is still a gap in terms of participation, exposure and general acceptance between male and female football, but this gap is definitely narrowing. The success of women’s sport in general coupled with the fact that women’s football now gets a lot more attention in the media with The FA’s new Women’s Premier League and more extensive TV exposure has meant that there has been a big shift in the sport and this is only set to continue. The women’s World Cup and the success of the British team at the Olympics and that great victory against the magnificent Brazilians at Wembley has added fuel to the rise of the women’s game.

Clubs Are Reacting To The Growing Trend

A few years ago you may have found it hard to find a club that offered girls football classes, but nowadays these are a lot more common. With a growth in demand and the realisation that women’s football is on the rise; many clubs now offer specific courses for girls to attend and may even have women coaches available to coach them. If you have been put off taking up football in the past because you haven’t been able to find a club then it’s worth having another look as things have moved on a lot recently.

All Kids Should Have A Healthy Start To Life

Whether you are a girl or a boy you should be entitled to have a healthy start in life. Learning about your body and how to look after it from an early age is the perfect way to set a president for many years to come. Football is a great way for your daughter to learn the values of nutrition and regular exercise and feeding an interest in this sport from an early age will give her something to pursue for the rest of her life.


Girls Football Is A Big Deal at Sport4Kids...

Girls usually adopt a conscientious approach to the game – making them ideal Tots, Kickers, Strikers and Academy members at our S4K Skills Classes! At S4K we are committed to getting more girls into sport and football and you will find budding young female footballers at an increasing number of our football classes! To sign up for a free taster at one of our classes, just click here or visit our venue page for our locations.

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