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PPA, Extra-Curricular & Staff Training

School 1Sport4Kids supply schools with the complete school sport and PE solution. The aim for Sport4Kids is to grow confidence in children through sport and physical activity which is achieved through our range of extra-curricular and curriculum linked programmes. All S4K programmes and services lead children to achieve progression in whatever sport or exercise programme is being taught.


How can Sport4Kids help your school?

Foundation Stage

The S4K ActivKids programme is in line with the physical development part of the Foundation Stage curriculum. There are also learning opportunities for social, emotional and communication skills through imaginative play and physical activities. The progression of children is recorded in the S4K Pupil Learning Pathway booklets and wallcharts


Key Stage 1 PE Curriculum

School 2The S4K KS1 PE Curriculum delivers gymnastics, dance and games modules to children in year one and year two. One of our games modules focuses on preparing children for sports day! Our games modules follow the ActivKids PE programme which has been recognised by the Association of PE through their Professional Development Board award. Children develop Fundamental Movement Skills through active play, exercise drills and dynamic action games. Again, children’s progression is recorded in the S4K Pupil Learning Pathway booklets and wallcharts.


Key Stage 2 PE Curriculum

The S4K KS2 PE Curriculum delivers specific sports in line with the curriculum needs of invasion, net and wall, striking and fielding, athletics, dance and gymnastics. There are also multiskills options for each of the games and athletic modules using the PDB recognised ActivKids programme. Each child’s progression is recorded using the S4K Pupil Learning Pathway booklets and wallcharts.


What services do S4K offer to schools?

School 3The S4K PE support programme offers schools the opportunity to have 6-week programmes delivered by an S4K coach. This can cover PPA or to show teaching staff how to deliver the classes.

S4K coaches can be used as an alternative to supply teachers through supporting schools for day sessions, teaching a number of schools throughout a single day.  We can also provide CPD training for staff to ensure that the knowledge of delivering high quality sports sessions is passed on. 

Sport4Kids can also run extra-curricular clubs, either before or after school, in a range of sports and physical activities. These clubs can be parental paid or using the school sport and PE premium.

Our expertise has helped hundreds of schools deliver high quality PE and school sport throughout the local area. The S4K consultative approach enables schools to work with S4K and achieve the complete solution to their PE and school sport needs.

Sport4Kids also work with schools to formulate significant and sustainable income streams so that they may supplement ever changing budgets - check out our income generation page for more info.


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