Teaching Philosophy

The S4K Way...

Schools 4Our philosophy is simple: we aim to build confidence in children through engaging them in sport and physical exercise. Our S4K PE coaches and experts thrive on supporting schools and helping to develop a transparent curriculum that is transparent for all children, teachers and parents. We supply fresh and innovative PE session planning and assessment across all areas of the Foundation Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We have developed ways of partnering with schools and nursery environments to monitor children’s progression across all areas of the curriculum. We offer bespoke programmes to provide a tailored curriculum based on the philosophies of our education partners – incorporating the key learning values of each school and nursery setting.

Our philosophy is one of child-centric learning – through understanding the world through the eyes of the child; we are able to ensure that they enjoy our programmes. This enjoyment ensures engagement and confidence development. Many children will then take this further and develop a passion for sport. It is vital that we provide this opportunity.  

Children need to develop Fundamental Movement Skills to fully enjoy an active and healthy life.

“Those with positive expectations about their ability (physical ability) are more willing to take risks, are popular playmates in the school ground, and are more likely to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle”

(Department of Education, Western Australia 2001)

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