S4K Tots


Toddler Football ClassesS4K Tots is for babies and younger children beginning their activity sporting life and usually ranges from 18 months to 3 years.  Child development is really important at this age.
Toddlers are able to join in almost as soon as they can walk, run and listen to instructions and have fun in a collective group setting. They are encouraged to learn the basics of listening through taking direction from our coaches. Children also learn to leave mum and dad for short periods while they toddle around with balls and play with their new friends.
Learning to learn, experiencing group activities, sitting, standing, walking and running in line and watching others is all part of the S4K entry level experience. Our exercises are designed for toddlers to use their imagination and our warm up sessions are aimed at getting them to listen to simple instructions and interact in activities with their coaches in a fun, humorous and easy to follow play environment.

Simple problem-solving activities provide the perfect informal games focused classes for encouraging our fledgling footballers to advance their basic attention and listening skills. Building confidence and feeling at ease is a key part of carefully designed toddler activities at this stage. By interacting in fun games, that include activities with specific leg and arm movements our toddler activity classes help kids build their physical confidence, practice new actions whilst watching others and copying their peers.

Simple show and tell techniques and activities with oodles of patience, good humour and bags of re-enforcement from the coaches is key part of the kids’ early classes. Treating each child as an individual and providing parents with feedback on how well each child is doing is all part of a very carefully designed experience.

Toddler Football ClassesIn our toddler activity classes, young children gain greater motor control whilst developing their co-ordination, balance and full body control mechanisms. We introduce them to controlling the ball and share with them the concepts of trapping the ball and dribbling with the ball. This is all done and watched in closeness with the Head Coach and Support Coaches to instil the essential basics in all our tots.

Early development of eye and ball co-ordination is critical. In order for the children to feel comfortable and natural with a football, a. They learn to kick both stationary and moving balls to identify targets and most important of all – score some goals!

Celebrations, the louder and more extravagant the better, are all part of parent and child enjoyment of the moment. We want toddlers to be excited every time that they come to S4K activity classes and scoring goals is the perfect opportunity for them to realise that they have succeeded and are the best in their world! What better confidence builder than scoring goals!  After progressing through our S4K Tots class, our children move onto our S4K Kickers group...

Developed by Francis Doody