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Naturally when signing their child up to a sporting activity, parents always have a number of questions. We have created this area to try to give parents as much information as possible and address any questions that might crop up. If you have any questions that aren't covered, please do give us a call on 0845 052 1347 and we will be happy to help you.

What age groups do you cater for?

Sport4Kids Rugby activities are specially designed for children between the ages of 18 months up to 11 years.

Which S4K group is best for my child?

It all depends on the age of your child. We cater for different age groups. You can see the information below:

Do S4K offer a free trial session?

Of course! We believe that it is vitally important that you are able to see whether the Sport4Kids activities are for you and your child. The trial session is designed to allow the parent / guardian to see what Sport4Kids activities have to offer. However, we do emphasise that a child may need more than one session in order to make the most of their time with us. Most children will not have participated in instructor led activities prior to their visit and this can take time to get used to. After your initial trial session, our experienced coaching team will be able answer any questions that you may have and offer advice on your child’s experience.

What happens at a trial session?

Typically, we advise that parents arrive with their child at the venue 5 minutes prior to the start of the class. This allows the coaching team time to get to know you and your child (who will usually be hiding behind your leg!) and gradually introduce them to the sport. The child will then partake in the activities with the rest of the class and the parent can be as involved or uninvolved as they choose.

How much do S4K classes cost?

Our classes are paid by a no minimum term direct debit of 48 Euros every month.  This direct debit allows parents to be in control of their payments and know exactly when they have paid up until.  There is a 20 Euros membership fee when joining Sport4Kids, which will include full rugby kit.

What if my child is unable to attend a pre-booked session?

Your child’s subscription effectively ensures that a place is reserved for them every week.  Unfortunately because we have venue and coaching costs regardless of attendance, we are unable to refund or “add on” classes where your child does not attend. If we were to allow this to happen, class prices would ultimately increase.  We do however, allow your child to “Send a Friend” in their absence. Please see our Terms and Conditions link for more information.

How long are S4K sessions?

S4K Tots and Cubs classes last 45 minutes, although we encourage parents to arrive 5 minutes early in order to have some play time with their child and allow them to settle.  S4K Lions classes are 60 minutes in length.  

Do parents/guardians have to stay?

Parents / guardians are requested to sign a register, stating that they are responsible for their child while attending a Sport4Kids activity. We therefore request that parents are present for the entire session, but you are able to be as involved or uninvolved as you choose – it’s entirely up to you!

What does my child need to bring?

We include a sport kit for your child to wear in the initial membership fee, however, your child is not obliged to wear it on every visit. As long as your child wears clothing that will keep them at a safe temperature during exercise and allow them freedom to move, they will have no problems participating in Sport4Kids activities. Due to health and safety regulations however, shoes must be worn at all times.

We encourage all parents to bring a drink for their child and in the summer months, we often have outdoor space available. We therefore encourage parents to bring the necessary sun protection (sunscreen, hat etc). While the British weather is unpredictable, we may have a couple of sunny days!

Are S4K sessions held indoors or outdoors?

All of our venues have indoor facilities and most also have outdoor facilities.  During the Autumn, Winter and early Spring months, classes are  held indoors, but when the opportunity arises in the Summer, we endevour to take the S4K classes outside.

Who will be coaching my child?

Your child’s Sport4Kids session will be led by a trained and experienced team of coaches. Safety is paramount to us and all of our coaches are certified by the Disclosure Barring Service. All of our coaches are enthusiastic, fun and patient – we make sure of it!

If classes are full, am I able to register my Child on a waiting list?

Certainly – while spaces can become very competitive, we are always looking to add new children to our classes and will do our best to accommodate them as soon as we have space.

Are S4K sessions aimed at girls and boys

Yes! We actively encourage both girls and boys to attend.

Does S4K run events all year long?

Yes…well for the majority of the year! Our classes do not stop for half-term or the summer holidays – although we do allow our coaches a rest at Christmas and Easter!

Can family and siblings come along to watch?

Definitely – we encourage grandparents and relatives to come and watch their child’s astounding skills. Siblings are also welcome, although we do ask that parents ensure that they do not disrupt the session.

Do S4K cater for children's birthday parties?

Yes we do! Please head to our S4K Birthday Parties page for further information and contact us for a free, no obligation quote.  Alternatively, click here for more information on our kids rugby parties.  

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