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Join our special football club for kids where we guarantee to develop your child to their full potential and have lots of fun doing it!

S4K Football club for kids is special and welcomes players of all ages and abilities. Our philosophy is all about enjoyment and individual child development as much as competitive team aspirations. Fun, entertainment, individual skills and team development are more important than winning for kids and youth football.

Specifically Designed Football Club for Kids

Our child centric development and team program has been carefully designed to welcome each individual and help them on their own pathway. “The S4K Way” of our football club for kids combines fun and excitement along with skills and teamwork so that all players develop a sense of confidence, belonging and team pride.

As a member of the S4K football club, your child will get access to the following key elements of the program:

Skills Classes

These look to develop the individual player skills to build confidence, advanced technique, special awareness and team play. Each class is designed specifically for each age group and is a balance of fun, entertainment and technical skills. The classes draw upon the best football coaching methods from around the world including the Spanish Tikka Taka, Dutch Coerver Method and the Brazilian futsal indoor ball.

Player Pathway

S4K Football Club operates a development pathway structure that tracks all the skills and development from an early age through to teenage years. The structure identifies all the individual skills and team play required to monitor progress and fulfil each players potential. The S4k Player Pathway allows parents to understand the value of the skills and game coaching and see where in the development your child is. It also allows the club to monitor progress of each individual and identify improvements, to tailor learning experiences and give coaches insight on the design of the training sessions.


These sessions use football coaching in game situations and gradually increase the child’s awareness of competition and team play situations. Confidence, fun and team play are a priority whilst allowing the children to fulfil their passion to compete.


The internal S4K Tournaments are played to S4K rules to promote passing, goals and fun. It is designed to bridge between on competitive skills classes and full competition. This is very popular!

Festivals & Competitions

The S4K Football Club enters local and regional festivals with representative teams from each of the S4K venues. There are teams from each age group and helps develop our children sense of competition, team camaraderie and fair play.

Holiday Camps

These are run at half term and throughout the summer months and provide great fun and accelerated development for all our players.
To register your child’s interest for one of the teams or to book a free taster please provide your details below:

S4K Football Club runs teams in the following age groups at each of our development centres:

  • Strikers Under 6
  • Strikers Under 7
  • Academy Under 8
  • Academy Under 9

Join one of our Development Centres near you. The Venues and Teams are as follows

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