Golf KidsS4K Golf programme is for ages 18 months to 11 years is aimed at providing our little ones with their first introduction to golfing life all the way to gaining a certified handicap and processing the skills and knowledge to play a full round of golf.

In our toddler activity classes for children aged 18 months – 3 years, tots gain greater motor control whilst developing their co-ordination and balance. We introduce them to individual and pair golfing challenges reinforcing sharing and turn taking.  Our golfing equipment is perfectly suited to a toddler swing, with light weight larger club heads to increase confidence in striking the ball.  Whilst the larger foam balls have improved trajectory allowing toddlers to watch it soar into the air.  This will give immediate positive reinforcement with lots of clapping and motivation from our coaches. 

Ages 4-7 years further develop key skills, looking at correct grip and beginning to look at swing technique.  Skills are taught in such a way as to maintain an energetic and fun approach that you have come to expect from S4K programmes.  We combine fun games with mini course set ups which allows children to begin selecting different clubs and shot options, this gives great framework for future course management – a key element to any golfers game, whatever their ability.  Children begin to understand shot basics such as aim, landing zones and ball control as well as being introduced to golf scoring.  Etiquette is a big part of our lessons, with coaches encouraging fair play and good sportsmanship at all time; this prepares children for when the time comes to play a few holes on a full golf course.  The ultimate aim of this player pathway is to get children to a level where they can go and play a few holes with Mum, Dad, or Grandad.

The final step of our Player Pathway is aimed at golfers aged 7-11 years who want to continue developing their golfing skill set and focuses on club and shot selection, swing technique and on course etiquette whilst maintaining a fun and high energy atmosphere.  Lots of mini course set ups with different playing formats will give children confidence to play and score with older or more experienced golfers in a Golf Club environment.  Our aim is to prepare players to gain a certified handicap and begin playing competitive golf.

Developed by Francis Doody