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Kids Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf & Dance Classes for Kids aged 18 months to Teens in Cyprus!

Welcome to Sport4Kids Cyprus! We introduce children's football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance classes to our kids at 18 months and provide our older children with "beyond the best" football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance coaching and skills classes. Our older kids also compete in our children's football or rugby club and take part in our S4K Tournament and dance, tennis and golf tournaments and competitions. Come along for a free taster and see how we are changing the face of children's sports and activities in Cyprus!

Registrations are now open! Starting day: 26th of September. The first 10 kids 2 lessons free! Contact number: 70003023

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Junior GolfChildren's Golf Academy & Club

S4K Golf Academy for 7-11 years olds further develops our players golfing skill set, introducing more skilled techniques and shots.  The ultimate end goal of this Player Pathway is to prepare your child to gain a certified handicap.

Our Academy enjoy a mix of fun games mini golf set ups.  We design golf holes and play mini competitions in different playing formats, introducing match play, foursomes and fourball.  This will provide your child with the confidence to play and score these formats at their Golf Club with older of more experienced players as they look to becoming full junior members.

Club and shot selection are reinforced with fun target games and challenges and we will begin to introduce different swing techniques for different shots.  As confidence grows we will introduce more challenging set ups, bad lies, objects to play around to improve their overall game in any situation and understand how much course management plays a role in scoring.

Course etiquette is continually introduced, building our golfers knowledge of what to do and what not to do in a whole range of situations so they can play on full golf courses and with other members with confidence.

At the end of this Player Pathway we aim to have your child ready to gain a certified handicap and ready to begin playing Junior Competitions and Tournaments.

Kids Golf Classes & Club

Kids Golf PreschoolS4K Minis Golf for 3-5 year olds is the second stage of our golfing development programme once children have graduated from our S4K Tots classes.  We continue to emphasise the fun and energetic class format that out Mini Golfers grew to know and love in their Tots classes and continue to strive to build confidence.

At this stage we start to introduce some competitive games and encourage basic etiquette by promoting sportsmanship, cheering on our team mates and congratulating our competitors, but of course this is all done in the "S4K Way" with lots of high fives and fist pumps all round.

Whilst parents are still very much welcome at our S4K Mini Golfer classes we find that children are starting to build confidence and gain independence so need less input from parents during the class, we use language that children can understand and play lots of games that our mini golfers are familiar with, whilst introducing new twists and turns to keep their imagination firing and their skill development challenged.

Our focus will begin to be on fine tuning skills, looking at stance and aiming rather than just hitting the ball, this is achieved through creative and inventive games that let children learn without even knowing - the perfect stance suddenly becomes an exciting story of standing on rocks in a river of molten lava!  This fun spin on golf continues throughout the S4K Mini Golfer program before children's skills are further developed in our S4K Eagles programme. 

At the end of this player pathway we aim for our Mini Golfers to be ready to moving onto our Golf Eagles program, able to independently follow instructions, and enthusiastic about and infatuated by the game of golf.a sunny afternoon.

Kids Golf 4Kids Golf Classes & Club

S4K Eagles Golf for 5-7 years olds continues to provide a fun and energetic introduction to golf.  The ultimate end goal of this Player Pathway is to equip children with the skill set required to get onto a golf course and play a few holes.

Our Eagles enjoy a mix of fun games that build fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance and cognitive skills and finish each session with a mini golf set up.  This introduces our golfers to club and shot selection and the basics of course management, which is a vital part of any golfer’s game.

Course etiquette and sportsmanship features heavily in our coaching especially during the mini golf course set up, we want players to be confident in how to behave on course and respectful of their playing partners and teammates.  This is not only a great skill to learn for golf but also a life lesson that will serve them into adulthood.  

Games will improve ball striking and start to focus on aiming, distance control, landing zones and shot selection with use of brightly coloured and fun targets, lots of excitement, cheering and big scores to make each and every player feel like a future British Open Champion.

As players progress and grow in confidence we will look at club grip and swing technique where we think it will improve overall ball striking and end results, whilst still focusing on fun and positive reinforcement.

At the end of this Player Pathway we aim to have your child ready to get out on the Golf Course and play a few holes with you on a sunny afternoon.

Toddler Golf Classes & Club

Toddler GolfS4K Tots Golf is aimed at providing our little ones with their first introduction to sporting life and ranges from 18 months to 3 years.

Toddlers are able to join in with exciting and imaginative games aimed at introducing them to structured learning, social skills like turn taking and preparing them for life in nursery and pre-school by including key Early Years Framework initiatives. Learning to learn and experiencing group activities are all part of the S4K golf entry level experience.  

In our toddler activity classes, tots gain greater motor control whilst developing their co-ordination, balance and full body control mechanisms. We introduce them to individual and pair golfing challenges further reinforcing sharing and turn taking.  Our golfing toddlers will listen and take direction from our coaches as well as mum and dad in our parent-child tot’s class.

Our golfing equipment is perfectly suited to a toddler swing, with light weight larger club heads to increase confidence in striking the ball.  Whilst the larger foam balls have improved trajectory allowing toddlers to watch it soar into the air.  This will give immediate positive reinforcement creating intrinsic motivation.  Our Golfing Player Pathway demonstrates that children can be taught swing technique and etiquette from an early age.

Our golfing toddlers are treated as individuals by our coaching team and our aim is to build every child’s confidence level through the game of golf. Limitless patience, good humour and re-enforcement are used to encourage engagement levels at this age. S4K Golf provides a fun and nurturing environment for toddlers to fall in love with a sport that will stand them in good stead from childhood, through their adult working years and into retirement, golf really is a lifelong passion.

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