S4K Dance Mission

Developing Toddler & Children's Dance Confidence

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Our S4K Dance Mission

Dance Tots & ToddlersOur mission is to "Build Confidence in Children". We also like to focus on both the child and the parent to combine Fun & Dreams in exciting technical, skills based dance classes. We build confidence in our dance tots through developing skills and building core physical attributes whilst having fun and learning. For our older ones it is about equipping them with core skills and safe technique in order to execute movements safely and confidently. As the older ones skills and technique develop we begin to provide them with performance and choreographic techniques, offering them the time to expand their creativity. The magic of our S4K Sports Entertainers creates a unique atmosphere that is unrivalled for consistent progression and technical skills wrapped in fun and entertainment. 

To learn more about our specific age groups and classes, click on the groups below…

S4K Tots Dance Classes (18 months to 3 Years) 

S4K Movers Dance Classes (3 to 5 Years)

S4K Shakers Dance Classes (5 to 7 years)

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