S4K Golf Minis (3 to 5 yrs)

Kids Golf Classes & Club

Kids Golf PreschoolS4K Minis Golf for 3-5 year olds is the second stage of our golfing development programme once children have graduated from our S4K Tots classes.  We continue to emphasise the fun and energetic class format that out Mini Golfers grew to know and love in their Tots classes and continue to strive to build confidence.

At this stage we start to introduce some competitive games and encourage basic etiquette by promoting sportsmanship, cheering on our team mates and congratulating our competitors, but of course this is all done in the "S4K Way" with lots of high fives and fist pumps all round.

Whilst parents are still very much welcome at our S4K Mini Golfer classes we find that children are starting to build confidence and gain independence so need less input from parents during the class, we use language that children can understand and play lots of games that our mini golfers are familiar with, whilst introducing new twists and turns to keep their imagination firing and their skill development challenged.

Our focus will begin to be on fine tuning skills, looking at stance and aiming rather than just hitting the ball, this is achieved through creative and inventive games that let children learn without even knowing - the perfect stance suddenly becomes an exciting story of standing on rocks in a river of molten lava!  This fun spin on golf continues throughout the S4K Mini Golfer program before children's skills are further developed in our S4K Eagles programme. 

At the end of this player pathway we aim for our Mini Golfers to be ready to moving onto our Golf Eagles program, able to independently follow instructions, and enthusiastic about and infatuated by the game of golf.a sunny afternoon.

Developed by Francis Doody