S4K Lions (5 to 7 years)

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Scrummers Rugby 4Welcome to our S4K Lions kids rugby classes aimed at children between 5 and 7 years of age.  Our class aims to build on the confidence and knowledge that have been acquired during our young Tots and Cubs rugby classes, continuing building rugby skills through precision.  

Using our bespoke S4K Rugby Player Pathway curriculum, we build in the ball handling skills that have been developed and introduce staged pressure competition in order to encourage our children to start playing tag rugby games.  


In our S4K Lions classes our children learn to work as part of a team and apply the skills learned to team activities.  We build on spatial awareness, featuring passing lines and beginning to understand the concept of playing mini games.  Our games are designed to be small sided to increase the amount of time that each child is able to spend with the ball and their importance within their team's performance.  

Each child is treated as an individual and our Sport4Kids mantra of "Building Confidence in Children" is applied at all times to ensure that every child benefits from our coaching techniques and develops their passion for rugby and a healthy lifestyle.  

Developed by Francis Doody