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Toddler Dance 2

Kids Dance Classes for Pre-School Children!

S4K Movers is our second stage of development (after our fun-filled S4K Tots programme) in our dance programme and calls for children aged between 3-5 years.  Click here to register for a free taster session today!

This level builds on the introduction to dance provided by our Tots dance programme allowing new actions and ways of moving to be taught. Improvisation with props is still encouraged as children enter the space, continuing to guide them in building confidence and offering a space where they can freely move and learn to create relationships with peers. By this stage most of our S4K Tots move up and will have a basic coordination and body awareness, which enables the coaches to expand on the skills learnt before.

Classes really start to have an impact on improving a child’s fitness and coordination as they learn whole body movements alongside musical based pulse raising exercises.

Toddler Dance 3Our sessions offer a fun experimental based game where they explore different actions and gestures including rolling, bouncing, shuffling, rocking and reaching.

Communication and creativity is encouraged as we gradually ask the children to contribute their own movement ideas during our energetic warm up games and structured dance exercises.

Core skills become more challenging as Movers focus on spinning on one foot, jumping with pointed toes and balancing and posing for longer lengths of time. The trickery is increased and structural and sequential aspects of dance are introduced, offering extra challenges for our young Movers. Working in pairs and groups becomes part of the Movers development, learning to share and take turns like in any team sport.

Children start to understand that there are different dance styles from different countries and in turn have different movements, rhythms and beats. This is emphasised through the introduction of different styles of music and the basic steps of dance styles implemented into our monthly session plans, including Jungle Jive, Toy Story Tango and Superhero Street Dance. As children advance, we begin to use dance terms from specific dance styles to reflect our themed months and to expand their dance vocabulary and basic technique.

We finish with a finale routine, where our pre-school children perform to a monthly selected music track for their parents using the skills that they have learned during the session. Children love to be praised and perform to rapturous applause from our on looking families; building the pressure of performance, ready for bigger performances as the children develop.  The next level of development along our S4K Dancer Pathway is our S4K Shakers (5 to 7 years) age group...

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