S4K Shakers (5 to 7 years)

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Children's Dance Classes

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Our S4K Shakers (5-7years) and S4K Academy (7+) children's dance classes provide a more mature and disciplined approach to dance as the development of technique and the introduction of choreographic devices are implemented into the curriculum. We begin to ask our dancers to contribute to movement ideas, helping them to build upon their imaginative and creative skills and the skills that have been learned in our toddler and children's dance classes at S4K Tots and Movers ages.  

The S4K Dancer Pathway at this level teaches core movements from the 5 fundamentals of dance; Body, Action, Space, Time and Energy. The alignment and foot positioning of ballet is important in safely executing core skills, such as jumping. Weight on hands skills are inspired by street and break dance moves, which is an ever growing and popular dance style that engages both boys and girls. And other aspects from dances from around the world will not only introduce new cultures but develop movement vocabulary, technique and performance techniques, which will become a key aspect in events and competitions as your child grows.

On arrival in the Shakers and Academy classes, the children will enter a Skills Box, where they will be instructed by the coaches to move around to music to prepare their bodies and practice their skills from the skills challenge set the week before. The children then have a chance to enhance their confidence through individually entering the middle of a freestyle circle to show off their personalities and skills in reflection to the dynamics of the chosen soundtrack. After significantly warming up our bodies, the Shakers and Academy learn the skills of the month (level of difficulty based on their age) and the Academy are set an explorative movement task to expand their creativity and understanding of what they are being taught. The skills learnt in our sessions are based on our Dance Pathway, which provides an index for the skill development for every child throughout our age ranges. We then ask the children to input their statically learnt skills and techniques into a travelling sequence in our corner activity, before applying them in a fun and energetic skills game.

Last up is our dance routine, where the children will learn sequences of movements, skills and performance techniques to different rhythms and beats in the monthly chosen song. They will end the session with parents becoming their audience at the front of the space, watching and applauding their performance, which we will see grow over the 4 weeks. All of our sessions are written on a monthly cycle, which assists with your child’s development through repetition and familiarity.

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