S4K Tots Golf

Toddler Golf Classes & Club

Toddler GolfS4K Tots Golf is aimed at providing our little ones with their first introduction to sporting life and ranges from 18 months to 3 years.

Toddlers are able to join in with exciting and imaginative games aimed at introducing them to structured learning, social skills like turn taking and preparing them for life in nursery and pre-school by including key Early Years Framework initiatives. Learning to learn and experiencing group activities are all part of the S4K golf entry level experience.  

In our toddler activity classes, tots gain greater motor control whilst developing their co-ordination, balance and full body control mechanisms. We introduce them to individual and pair golfing challenges further reinforcing sharing and turn taking.  Our golfing toddlers will listen and take direction from our coaches as well as mum and dad in our parent-child tot’s class.

Our golfing equipment is perfectly suited to a toddler swing, with light weight larger club heads to increase confidence in striking the ball.  Whilst the larger foam balls have improved trajectory allowing toddlers to watch it soar into the air.  This will give immediate positive reinforcement creating intrinsic motivation.  Our Golfing Player Pathway demonstrates that children can be taught swing technique and etiquette from an early age.

Our golfing toddlers are treated as individuals by our coaching team and our aim is to build every child’s confidence level through the game of golf. Limitless patience, good humour and re-enforcement are used to encourage engagement levels at this age. S4K Golf provides a fun and nurturing environment for toddlers to fall in love with a sport that will stand them in good stead from childhood, through their adult working years and into retirement, golf really is a lifelong passion.

Developed by Francis Doody